Take Action / Participer

On September 26, 2012 we successfully defeated Motion 312. Yay!


203 Members of Parliament voted to defeat the Motion and we couldn’t be happier.


But you didn’t think we were going to let the other 91 MPs who voted ‘Yes’ off the hook, did you? Of course not! We’re persistent and snarky like that.


So we’re calling on you crafty Canadians to help us out. Send us your (knitted) wombs! We want 91 of them, in fact.


You pick the size, colour, fabric and style. We love ‘em all.


Send your wombs (and whatever messaging you’d like to include!) to :

CUPW National Office

ATTENTION: Cindi Foreman

377 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 1Y3


Deadline: January 1, 2013


They want to control our wombs, so that’s exactly what we’ll give them.




Le 26 septembre dernier, nous avons vaincu la motion M-312! Bravo!


203 Députés parlementaires ont voté contre la motion et nous en sommes heureuses.


Vous ne pensiez pas qu’on allait laisser les 91 autres députés qui ont voté pour la motion s’en tirer si facilement!? Il n’en est pas question! La persistance et le sarcasme font partie de notre charme.


Nous faisons donc appel à vous, chers Canadiennes et Canadiens talentueux afin de nous aider. Envoyez-nous vos utérus (tricotés)! Nous en voulons 91.


Vous pouvez choisir la taille, la couleur, le tissu et le style. Nous les aimons tous !


Envoyez vos utérus (en y joignant le message que vous désirez !) à :

CUPW – Bureau national

ATTENTION: Cindi Foreman

377, rue Bank

Ottawa (Ontario)

K2P 1Y3


Date limite : le 1 janvier 2013


Puisqu’ils veulent contrôler nos utérus, c’est exactement ce que nous leur donnerons !

5 thoughts on “Take Action / Participer

  1. Shayna h says:

    I think that the Radical Handmaids ROCK! Thank you for defending and protecting our rights and our rights to our own bodies.
    Much respect,

  2. Chris Chevalier says:

    Many, many years ago, I attended Pro-Choice Rallies in Ottawa and Montreal. I am deeply saddened that we are going back to those days. I will write, I will rage and I will do what I have to do to make sure we never return to those anti-choice days again! Thank you Handmaids for all that you do!
    In loving sisterhood
    Chris Chevalier
    Ingleside Ontario

  3. melanie decillia says:

    Thank you! Keep up the good work.

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