The Radical Handmaids are pro-choice activists who love CanLit and really outrageous hats.

Formed in April 2012 to defeat Motion 312 (Which we did. YOU’RE WELCOME), we remain committed to creatively resisting anti-choice attacks on reproductive rights.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Sheila Kieran says:

    I don’t wear hats — I have to be sure that everyone on the bus sees my white hair, so that I can get a seat, but I am a pro-choice activist, going back several centuries. I did have a hat once, which I wore to court when I was getting my divorce — one had to look demure in those days so the judge wouldn’t think I was a loose woman.

    Though I never had an abortion — it wasn’t right FOR ME — I have helped several women, including one of my daughters-in-law — obtain them. It’s just as you say: not pro-abortion but pro-choice.

    I am so proud to be a citizen of a country that has not had an abortion law for nearly a quarter of a century! Even our little asshole of a prime minister, who is as anti-woman as can be imagined is smart enough to stay away from changing that situation. One of his henchman, who is trying to have a “conversation” about “when life begins” — i.e. control the reproductive rights of women — isn’t having much success.

  2. Shayna h says:

    I think that the Radical Handmaids ROCK! Thank you for defending and protecting our rights and our rights to our own bodies.
    Much respect,

  3. Dhalgren says:

    Great work, friends. Good to see that there is at least one progressive nation in North America.

  4. doublevez says:

    Hi are you women only, that is, FAB only, Female at Birth women, or are Males (of any description or dress) allowed to be part of this org?

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