Canada fails to adhere to its own mandate of ‘protecting maternal health’

There is only one thing that comes to mind when considering what could be more ‘abhorrent’ than rape and child marriage:  the thought of a forced pregnancy.

How can the Conservative’s platform insist that Prime Minister Harper ‘refuses to reopen the abortion debate’ while the PMO arbitrarily excludes safe access to abortion in foreign policy?  How does this not reopen the debate?


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One thought on “Canada fails to adhere to its own mandate of ‘protecting maternal health’

  1. Elizabeth Oakley says:

    Thank you for standing up to the bullies. I just heard a member of your organization on CBC Radio and I am so glad she said all she did. I guess I’ve been living under a rock, but I had no idea some physicians are denying the prescribing of birth control pills or alternative methods. I’m shocked that they can force their views onto their patients. Have we returned to the Dark Ages? What about the Physicians’ Oath that clearly states:”I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, gender, politics, socioeconomic standing, or sexual orientation to intervene between my duty and my patient.” Unbelievable! Thank you for taking a stand against this injustice!

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