WE WON! … But the war is not over.


We are proud to announce that Motion 312 was defeated 203 to 91.

To all the haters out there who said it couldn’t be done, we say:


Just as we were getting ready to spread butter on our faces and take a break, this came along.

‘This week Langley MP Mark Warawa introduced the following motion in the House of Commons:

M-408   “That the House condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.”

“Recent studies have shown that the practice of aborting females in favour of males is happening in Canada,” says Warawa. “92% of Canadians believe sex-selective pregnancy termination should be illegal.”

“Gender selection has been strongly condemned by all national political parties,” added Warawa. “As well, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada have vehemently opposed sex-selection pregnancy termination.”

This motion is in response to numerous inquiries and concerns his office received after the CBC presented an investigation on gender selection last June.  Warawa said, “I would like to thank the CBC for bringing this matter to the attention of Canadians.”

With hidden cameras, the CBC visited 22 private ultrasound clinics in Canada. They found that most of these clinics allowed ultrasounds to tell the sex of the baby so that the parents could choose to terminate the pregnancy if the unborn child was a female.

Unequivocal condemnation from Parliament will send a strong message that will help to bring an end to this form of gender discrimination in Canada.’


We are re-grouping and getting ready to fight this latest attack on reproductive rights (And common sense!)