WE WON! … But the war is not over.

We are proud to announce that Motion 312 was defeated 203 to 91.

To all the haters out there who said it couldn’t be done, we say:


Just as we were getting ready to spread butter on our faces and take a break, this came along.

‘This week Langley MP Mark Warawa introduced the following motion in the House of Commons:

M-408   “That the House condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.”

“Recent studies have shown that the practice of aborting females in favour of males is happening in Canada,” says Warawa. “92% of Canadians believe sex-selective pregnancy termination should be illegal.”

“Gender selection has been strongly condemned by all national political parties,” added Warawa. “As well, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada have vehemently opposed sex-selection pregnancy termination.”

This motion is in response to numerous inquiries and concerns his office received after the CBC presented an investigation on gender selection last June.  Warawa said, “I would like to thank the CBC for bringing this matter to the attention of Canadians.”

With hidden cameras, the CBC visited 22 private ultrasound clinics in Canada. They found that most of these clinics allowed ultrasounds to tell the sex of the baby so that the parents could choose to terminate the pregnancy if the unborn child was a female.

Unequivocal condemnation from Parliament will send a strong message that will help to bring an end to this form of gender discrimination in Canada.’


We are re-grouping and getting ready to fight this latest attack on reproductive rights (And common sense!)


7 thoughts on “WE WON! … But the war is not over.

  1. Victoria says:

    Although I am pro choice, I personally think that terminating a pregnancy over gender should not be done. Have a child, because you want any child, not a specific child. I also believe that it is possible, and probable that most of the women who do this, do it out of some kind of fear, and or pressure. Please don’t abort because of gender.

    • Steven Sheppard says:

      A woman should have a right to abortion at any time during her pregnancy and for whatever reason she that she chooses to exercise that right.

      • Kalico says:


        This try-to-have-male-babies thing doesn’t make sense. Trying to make a human that can’t gestate? That’s pretty much the only non-socialized difference between female and male (T has its own implications, of course). Why purposely make a human with fewer/lesser physical capabilities? Why fail to sway against that possibility? :/

        There’s 20 mil female gap in China. Males have been in charge since the burnings 6K yrs ago, but the tables are turning. So . . . making more of the sex of the oppressor class just doesn’t add up to a winning strategy for individual mothers, families, or communities, to say the least.

        That said, I recommend *swaying* for the sex one wants. Then if the woman ends up with the less- or undesired sex, she can abort.

        Hell, they’re gonna do it anyway in their own bathrooms if they have to. People can give safe abortions without 10 years of “higher ed”. Also, you don’t need an ultrasound to determine sex of fetus. Docs like to lie about that one a lot.

  2. NMguiniling says:

    If you look at the numbers, the Conservatives could have pushed this through. The fact that there was no Conservative whip on the vote, to me, implies that the motion was designed to test the waters and see if this is really something their majority really wants to take on right now. It is not about if–its about when this comes up again.

  3. Steven Sheppard says:

    It’ s good to have a stockpile of intellectual ammo, in case one would ever need to defend oneself again against such matters, so I recommend this site for you Radical Handmaid’s to arm yourselves with:

    I also would like to recommend a novel that you all may find of much interest due to the subject matter of the novel, it is titled Living Proof, written by Kira Peikoff. In the novel religion gets into politics where it should be, but they outlaw abortion and make destroying an embryo first degree murder. Please check the book out, it was just recently published.

  4. Steven Sheppard says:

    Since I can’t edit my last post, I wanted to change it to read : where it should NOT be. Sorry. Here is her website: http://www.kirapeikoff.com/

  5. Manuela says:

    All these people who are SO concerned with gender discrimination, if they all put their energies into fighting the prevailing rape culture, breaking the political/judicial/corporate glass ceiling, fighting violence against women and girls, closing the pay gap, and generally challenging patriarchy – if they did all that, then gender selective abortions would not be an issue. I notice that none of them gets into why this practice even exists. Because, as we already know, it is not about gender discrimination at all, it’s about controlling women’s bodies.

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