Motion 312 Debate Drinking Game!

You’re welcome.




7 thoughts on “Motion 312 Debate Drinking Game!

  1. You are brilliant! Now I’m going to have to put together a watching-party!

  2. thereginamom says:

    Reblogged this on the regina mom and commented:
    These Radical Handmaids are brilliant, I tell you! We can now organize M312 Debate-Watching Parties across the country!

  3. […] can see my previous post about what you can to protest M312, and you can do this , which is hilarious. It’s a “Motion 312 Debate” drinking game designed by the […]

  4. […] Radical Handmaids have very kindly created a drinking game for the purpose of debate watching.  Which is funny even without […]

  5. Faith says:

    Is this a joke? Since when was this a joke? If this debate is something this website is so dead set against this why are you making silly little posters about such a serious topic? Also, since this website believes their ideas are right then what do you fear about this debate? You really should have nothing to fear if, and I stress if, you are right.

    • Of course it’s a joke. If you’ve looked through out entire site and haven’t figure out our ‘schtick’ yet, then that is very unfortunate.

      Also, M-312 was debated in the House of Commons for two hours and defeated by a landslide. So 1- It was debated and 2- We were clearly right.

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