Response from NDP MP Olivia Chow


Ms. Name-Withheld,

Thank you for writing to us with regards to Motion M-312. New Democrats oppose this motion.

M-312 proposes to establish a parliamentary committee to review criminal code subsection 223(1) which states that a child becomes a human at the moment of birth, which is an indirect means to re-open the abortion debate.

During the 2006, 2008 and 2011 election campaigns, Stephen Harper stated that his government did not want to revisit the abortion issue. However, now that there is a Conservative majority—and Stephen Woodworth has tabled motion M-312, there is reason to worry.

The Official Opposition believes in universal access to abortion services and guaranteed reproductive freedoms for all Canadian women, regardless of income or where they live. Abortion must remain a decision made between a woman and a health professional. Please be assured that we will continue to defend a woman’s right to choice.



Office of Olivia Chow, MP