Response from Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett

This was sent to us by a pro-choice ally!

Dear Ms. Name witheld by request,

Thank you for your email regarding Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion M-312 on abortion.

As a family doctor, and as Chair of the National Liberal Women’s Caucus, I am opposed in the strongest terms possible to M-312, which aims to reopen the abortion debate – despite Stephen Harper’s promise that this would not occur under his leadership.

It is the longstanding view of the Liberal Party of Canada that women must have the right to choose. We will never support measures that limit, or open the door to limiting, access to safe medical services for women across Canada.

Please be assured that I will not only vote against this motion, but will fight all attempts to infringe the rights of women by those who wish to do so, including Mr. Woodworth. I will also continue to hold Mr. Harper to account for allowing a member of the Conservative caucus to introduce this type of motion without penalty of sanction of any kind.


Hon. Carolyn Bennett, P.C., M.D.
Member of Parliament, St. Paul’s


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