Response from Conservative MP Gordon O’Connor


This e-mail was forwarded to us by an ally.


Dear Darci,

On behalf of Gordon O’Connor, thank you for your correspondence regarding Motion M-312.

With regards to Motion M-312, it will be held as a free vote in the House of Commons. This means that members of the Conservative Party are free to vote as they choose. Mr. O’Connor will not be supporting this Motion.

Mr. O’Connor appreciates the opportunity to be kept abreast of the issues that are important to his constituents so that he may keep them in mind during ongoing discussions with his cabinet and caucus colleagues.

Once again, thank you for writing.


John Aris
Constituency Manager for
Hon. Gordon O’Connor, P.C., M.P.
Chief Government Whip
Carleton Mississippi Mills
Tel: 613-592-3469
Fax: 613-592-4756
Website: www.gordonoconnor.ca