Response from MP Peter Braid

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Canadian pro-choicer, Ms. Nave wrote her Conservative member of Parliament about M-312.

This is his response:


Dear Ms. Nave,

Thank you for your email regarding Mr. Woodworth’s call for a public debate on abortion.

I personally do not support this position, nor do I support the intent behind it.

Our government and the Prime Minister have consistently said that we will not open the abortion debate, we will not bring forward legislation, and any Private Member’s legislation on this subject will be defeated.

I continue to fully support the position of our government. Ultimately, any decision on abortion should be made by a woman, based on her individual circumstances, and in consultation with her doctor and her family.

I appreciate hearing your views on this issue, and once again, thank you for writing.


Peter Braid, M.P.


6 thoughts on “Response from MP Peter Braid

  1. joycearthur says:

    Nice! 🙂 That’s at least 3 anti-choice Cons so far opposing the motion (btw, Wayne Easter is pro-choice).

    • We are posting all responses we receive, whether they are known pro-choicers or known anti-choicers. We want to celebrate those who are taking the right stance on M-312 and call out those who don’t!

  2. This is my MP as well, and I put up a cheer until I realized that he wrote that he “personally” does not support this motion, but makes no mention of how he will actually vote… Follow up email?

    • Feel free to follow up and keep us posted!

    • johannab says:

      Peter Braid is also my MP, and I also wrote to him, and tweeted, requesting clarity. He has responded, on Twitter, publicly (well, to me, but it can be read in his timeline) that his position on this has been consistent, and that he will vote against M312.

      While Mr. Braid and I surely have our differences, I appreciate his position on this and that he’s being clear about it.

  3. […] this is a response from Kitchener Waterloo MPP Peter Braid, sent to a constituent who posted it […]

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